Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – A Review

May 18th, 2012

Written by Kim Dixon

Edited by Troy Swiatek

"RnR HoF"

If you’ve ever watched That Metal Show, then you’ve probably heard Eddie Trunk rant and rave about how screwed up the Rock n Roll hall of fame (rnr for short) is. This is a review of more or less my opinion of the highly acclaimed establishment.

When you think of rock n roll you probably think of bands/artists like The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, the Doors etc. All of whom are in the hall of fame. OK so if those bands are in, you would think that bands like Deep Purple, Bad Company, Steppenwolf, Def Leppard, Rush, etc. would be in the hall right? WRONG!! Here’s a list of the most famous bands who have been snubbed:

I understand that only a few bands can be inducted each year & that to be able to be inducted it must be at least 25 years since the release of a band’s debut, so if it takes a band say 3 years to make the hall. I’m not too upset, but when a band has been eligible for over 10 years or more & when Michael Jackson (2001 inductee) beats out that band for a slot, I just feel confused.

Which brings me to my next pet peeve about the hall. What’s the deal with inducting non-rock n roll artists? Since when is Run DMC rock? Pioneering rap group, yes, rock band, I don’t think so. Mind you here are some artists who most folks wouldn’t consider rock, but the very selective group of people of who inducts artists do: Run DMC, ABBA, Grandmaster Flash, Prince, & Bob Marley, to name a few. I Mean nothing against those artists; it’s just to most of us their music isn’t rock. Now I know some people would say ABBA is rock (pop rock) so they could go either way, like my favorite band Fleetwood Mac (1997 Inductees though only half of the band was included). List of RnR HOF inductees:

Another peeve is that deserving bands normally have to wait too long to get in. Take Black Sabbath for example. Their debut was released in February 1970, making them eligible in 1995. They have been inducted 11 years later in 2006. Only 4 out of 20+ members (some of who were only in the band for few months while others in the band for years); they even snubbed Dio. The Hall of Fame has habit of inducting only a few members of a band. In my opinion if a person contributed to making music in the band then they are just as deserving as the founding members.

My last point is about the people who decide who makes the cut and who doesn’t. Why is it that only a select few can decide who they want in? Why not leave up to the people who made this music the big success it was and continues to be to this day, THE FANS! The “judges” or board, for lack of a better term, only put the bands that they want in and the fans don’t get any say in the voting of who gets in. I wish that somebody would make another “hall of fame” and actually put deserving bands in it.

To Summarize the Rock n Roll shouldn’t be called the Rock n Roll Hall of fame, it should be called the Hall of Fame Created by a Bunch of Elitist Musical Snobs. It isn’t a good hall of fame. while there are some deserving artists in the hall, there are about as many artists who don’t need to be in there.


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