Taylor Swift – Speak Now (2010) [Country/Pop]

Speak Now Review

June 28th, 2012

Written by Lyla Page

Edited by Troy Swiatek


            Two questions often associated with Taylor Swift’s music are “Why do all her songs sound the same?” and “Has she ever written a song that’s not about a guy?” Yes…and no. Her latest album, Speak Now, answers those questions. Like her previous albums, Speak Now is loaded with ballads like the wistful “Dear John”, which presumably chronicles her relationship with John Mayer. Swift’s signature storyteller lyrics of the heart-wrenching “Back to December” can be interpreted as an apology to a broken-hearted Taylor Lautner. Of course, there’s the upbeat, in-your-face “Better Than Revenge”, which takes a stab at a mystery girl who “stole” Swift’s boyfriend. However, the theme of the album is not romance, but the bridge to adulthood. Swift touches on the bliss of childhood with “Never Grow Up”, seen through the eyes of a lonely adult. Even her catchy love songs like “Mine” and “Sparks Fly” demonstrate a deeper understanding of relationships in relation to her previous albums. (“I was a flight risk with a fear of falling/Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts”) and (“It’s okay, life is a tough crowd/Thirty-two and still growing up now”). The album’s closer, “Long Live”, shows that Taylor Swift may be looking back at her high school days, but her experiences have helped her to make a solid, more grown-up version of her music. Yes, many of Swift’s songs may sound similar (the sign of an artist who’s successfully developed a signature sound), but like any good song, each track on Speak Now stands out in its own way – demonstrating Taylor Swift’s best effort yet.

  • Musicianship: 7
  • Lyrics: 8.5
  • Overall: 7.5

~ by Musical Indulgence on June 28, 2012.

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